How does it work?

You send us traffic, we convert it into sign-ups, we cut you a check for your efforts! No Games. If you have high-quality exotic, ethnic, or urban traffic, we can turn it into a big pay-day for you!


What is the pay-out?

You collect 60% of every sign-up that you send us.  Currently our memberships range from $24.99/month to $49.99 .


How much money can I make?

That all depends on you! How much traffic do you have? We have no limit on how much traffic we will convert for you. Of course, the more traffic you send, the better your odds are.


What about statistics and payouts?

All of our billing and stats are handled by a secure 3rd party company, . Verotel is known for its reliablility and is one of the biggest billing companies on the web. Just log-in to check your current stats and they will send you checks or deposit directly into your bank account for you.

How do I get started?

If you already have an affiliate account with Verotel then you are half-way there! Just click here to login and then visit our Tools page to grab all the content to place on your websites.

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