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Kakey NYC shoot 2

Kakey NYC shoot 2 Kakey NYC shoot 2 - This is my second sexy shoot in NYC with Mike from Sexyassladies.com where I was in a beautiful suite and I took advantage of every part of it!Starting off on the couch, I did a nice booty shake with my PHAT booty in a sexy see thru black lingerie...Then onto the bedroom where I stripped

Kakey NYC shoot 22018-04-23T10:52:50+00:00

Kakey vs Ayana

Kakey vs Ayana Pt 1 I found another long tongued cutie to do a shoot with and this shoot was soooo sexxxxy..Her name is Ayana and we had a wonderful time doing this shoot. We were tongue kissing everywhere. On the bed , the Jacuzzi and in the huge shower and in the sauna things got really steamy .. Join in and see ...

Kakey vs Ayana2018-04-08T15:42:18+00:00

Kakey vs Kkvsh

Kakey vs Kkvsh This shoot is with my proteje Kkvsh who has a tongue ALMOST as long and sexy as mine lol .. On location in Miami ,we did this shoot to please all of my tongue fetish fans . Kkvsh and I had a lot of things to choose from to Lick and suck .. Join in and see what we chose...

Kakey vs Kkvsh2018-04-08T00:52:41+00:00

Kakey and Strella Kat 2

Kakey vs Strella Kat This was one of the shoots I did with my hot Latina friend Strella Kat! On location in Miami ,we had a ball during this shoot. And we were waaaaaayy too turnt up lol.Join in and see what I did to Strella Kat with this long tongue of mine.... (P.S. you can purchase the whole shoot on downloadable DVD

Kakey and Strella Kat 22018-04-08T15:43:41+00:00

Kakey Maryland shoot

Kakey Maryland shoot I did this hot and sexy shoot for you guys out in Baltimore Maryland. I loved this shoot because it was so sexy and classy. MORE FROM THE KAKEY COLLECTION

Kakey Maryland shoot2018-04-08T00:42:08+00:00
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